P’e’-a-ku’ was the Keresan word used by the Pecos Pueblo Indians to describe “a place where there is water.”  When the Spanish arrived in the late 1500s, it sounded like “Pecos” and was adopted to refer to the town and the major river that runs through it.

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Pecos Watersheds Map and Fact Sheet


From recreation and tourism to traditional uses such as hunting, fishing and acequia farming, public lands support a wide variety of uses and economic benefits to New Mexico.

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In the Pecos, wilderness helps protect prime habitat for fish and wildlife, safeguarding cold-water fisheries and a fragile high-alpine ecosystem. Game populations generally prosper and wildlife habitat is maintained naturally.

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The Pecos Wilderness is one of New Mexico’s crown jewels when it comes to outdoor recreation. The Pecos Wilderness has access points from five counties and boasts activities ranging from fishing and hunting to backpacking, day hiking, camping wildlife watching, and solitude.

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