Maintenance on the Historical Acequia – La Sierra Ditch

In early September, a group of volunteers from the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, The Wilderness Society, Sierra Club and other community members had the opportunity to partner with the Mayordomo Jimmy Sanchez of the La Sierra Ditch to work hand in hand with his son (Daryl) and grand son (Damian) to do some maintenance on the acequia banks of the historic ditch.

According to Mayodomo Sanchez, the history of the acequia dates back to the early 1700’s. 1717 was the earliest date we were given when ancestral families of the Mora Valley came together to begin working on the creation of the La Sierra ditch and for the past three centuries has brought water from the Pecos Wilderness down to the Holman Valley to provide water to agricultural crops and family gardens. On this day, volunteers had the opportunity to work with three generations to help maintain the historical acequia in honor of the many generation that preceded them.

The La Sierra Ditch falls within the Protect the Pecos campaign proposal and is one of the traditional uses the coalition members of the Pecos Campaign are striving to protect. According to Mayodomo Sanchez, “This campaign is an example of an effort that would protect these historical lands for future generations including that of my grand son Damian! Thanks you for your help with today’s work!”

la-sierra-ditch1 la-sierra-ditch2